Está procurando companhia para viajar para algum destino do Brasil? Então crie seu tópico aqui!
#1149663 por Alice Tremarin
01 Jan 2016, 16:23
Trip ca.: 10.01 - 23.01

Ahoi guys!
I will be back to Porto Alegre in a few days and hope to find 3-4 other easy going people to join me for around 10-14 days through South Brazil - plans will be changed according to convenience! Like, I don't mind sleeping in a tent, a hostel or breaking into some ridiculously fancy mansion with 16 bathrooms and pools.
Yes-sayers are absolutely welcome! This is meant to be fun. I like to go out and drink a beer - or 10, so everyone with their own drivers license is appreciated : :roll:
Unfortunately I lost my phone so you will have to contact me here or on facebook: Marc Roemmelt

We can just meet in Porto Alegre whenever you are free, be prepared to speak English! My Portuguese is quite basic yet hehe.

Oh and the car+gas will be around 500$ for each, if we are 4 People! (For 14 Days)

See you & greets Marc

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