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  1. You sir! The year of 2019 has passed and the Lunar New Year has also closed, your travel journey begins with 2019, what is your intention in 2019 to go, what to eat and explore the land? Do you choose to travel in the country or abroad? That's what many people ask in their heads when your travel journey begins again. Beginning of the new year, Danang Private Car Company wishes you a happy and prosperous new year, wish you lots of health and good luck this year. Here we will combine the tour route and the types of travel vehicles selected and trusted by customers in 2018: In Central Vietnam, the first three provinces attracted the most tourists, namely Thua Thien Hue - Da Nang - Hoi An. Firstly, Hue City -Get Thien Hue: Thua Thien Hue (Hue City) is known for the length of feudal history of the Nguyen Dynasty, known for its Citadel of Hue, the Citadel, Ngo Mon, Tombs and Chieng Pagoda .... Ancient and peaceful land . Arriving in Hue, you will have the opportunity to explore the great Hue Citadel, go to the pagoda at the beginning of the year, relax on the poetic Huong River. Hue is a small but vast human heart. Hue is poor but rich in affection and kindness, if you want a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, this is a great choice. In 2018, the number of tourists coming to Hue accounted for 30% of the total 3 central locations. Below are links that travelers have access to the system: Tour 01: Tour 02: Tour 03: Second, Danang City: Da Nang is a city directly under the Central Government, Da Nang is famous for its bustling excitement, dynamism and agility. Coming to Da Nang, you will be most impressed by the skyscrapers, the beautiful bridges on the bustling Han River. People across the country think that Danang is a city worth living. Come to Da Nang, you can enjoy entertainment and release the station with a lot of fun and adventure games ... Going to Da Nang during the day and going on foot to go sightseeing, you can see the life love life. Therefore, Da Nang has a very large number of visitors coming in 2018, accounting for 40% of the total 3 locations in Central Vietnam. Here are the links most visited visitors in 2018: Tour 01: Tour 02: Tour 03: Tour 04: Tuesday. Hoi An Ancient Town - Quang Nam Hoi An was once a busy international trading port, meeting place for merchant ships in Japan, China and the West during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Before this period, it used to have traces of the trade port of Cham Pa or was mentioned along the Silk Road. In the 19th century, because waterway transportation here was no longer convenient, Hoi An port gradually degraded, giving way to Da Nang which was being built by the French. Hoi An was fortunate not to be devastated in two wars and avoided the massive urbanization process in the late 20th century. Starting from the 1980s, the architectural and cultural values of Hoi An ancient town gradually scholars and visitors alike, making this place one of Vietnam's attractive tourist destinations. Coming to Hoi An, you can feel the strange and peaceful atmosphere, the old houses have been built dozens, hundreds of years. Traditional features are retained 90% compared to intact. Especially, the cuisine here is very rich, just right because it is the convergence of the national identity of many countries, so the cuisine here is very diverse. Therefore, the number of tourists coming to Hoi An is 7%, much lower than 2017, in 2018, accounting for 30% of the total 3 locations in Central Vietnam. Here are the links that most visitors visit in Hoi An: Tour 01: Tour 02: Tour 03: We will constantly update the hottest tourist destinations in the Central region for you to consult and choose. Friendly greet! (Implementer: Hoi An Private Car)
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