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Avery began hanging out with other people similar to them, and Avery's parents were extremely concerned that drugs and alcohol were being used in the group, though the group was purely a rock and metal group and was somewhat an anti-bullying group.

Fast forward, Avery, now just turned 18 was given their fifth suspension of the year for fighting. Avery didn't throw the first punch, and even more insanely, didn't even fight back at all, however Avery did raise their voice and screamed at the top of their lungs and said some very disrespectful things to the bully after she started the fight, all because of a misunderstanding and it was abelist in nature, on the part of the bully as Avery had ASD, but the school refused to give Avery any accommodations despite the parents insisting and trying to stand up for Avery.

Also, because the school had a zero-tolerance policy for fighting, Avery was given a three week suspension, citing the zero-tolerance policy, and despite that the bully didn't get in any trouble at all, which caused Avery to talk back to the principal, which caused an extra week to be added to the detention and the principal did not care when Avery mentioned that the bully didn't get anything, not even detention, then the principal told Avery com saying that he got a different treatment since he was not as rebellious or vocal about his rights as Avery was. the principal was punishing Avery for standing up for her rights as a disabled person got gay crossdresser

Mr. Donaldson said to Avery behind closed doors, just after Avery pressed the record on their iPhone. "Listen here you fucking little piece of shit! The only reason this shit happens to you is because you don't accept or respect authority, you say whatever the fuck you want when you want to without regards to anyone's feelings but your own, you're a fucking piece of shit and people like yourself belong in a facility for people like you, not in schools. I'm surprised you can even talk considering the condition you have. You autistic people are not even supposed to be able to talk and what all of you do is rock in your chairs going back-and-forth and do other shit like that you should be lucky you're not like them that you have a voice and yet you use it to only advocate for your rights and not anyone else's!"

After the principal admitted to Avery's face that they were being punished for being too loud about their rights and being too rebellious, the gaslighting didn't work as Avery was able to see through the school principal's lies and deceits and how he was the one who was doing these things and not Avery. Now Avery needed to finally prove once and for all the expulsions on their record were completely unjustified.

Avery screamed at the principal, "You can't do this to me! I am 18 years old I get straight A's in class and I'll top of that I am autistic and you treat me like this, I'm gonna do everything in my power to make sure you get removed for this horrible treatment, mark my words!"

Avery thought long and hard about the consequences of putting this video on YouTube such as what would happen to the principal's family and they even talked about it with their therapist who recommended the videos be uploaded so people can see their struggle for self-determination gay spanked

Avery came home happy, which was incredibly unusual considering Avery was just suspended, and Avery's parents got a report from school that their child was once again suspended, yet when Avery came back from school instead of seeing the explosive Avery when they were expelled or bullied, they saw us smiling and happy Avery who was sitting down and their parents definitely knew something was up gaysex

Mikee asked, "Um Avery, why are you so happy when you just got suspended for the fifth time this year?"

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