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  1. Turning Mandy ran to the living room and the fireplace away from the temptation of the handsome demon outside her door. Trembling Mandy curled up in the blanket again and fell back asleep. The next day she woke up at 9 am and carefully checked around the house. The house was dark and quiet with no sign of the handsome man. Yet looking out the back door of the kitchen Mandy noticed a small amount of snow had seeped into the house. Cleaning it up Mandy put the paper towels in the trash can peering outside at the raging blizzard livenudecam

    Mandy fell asleep in front of the fireplace again that night and at first she felt like someone was kissing her. Pressing his soft demanding lips against her and a burning heat as she felt the stroke of someone's tongue inside her mouth. With her closed eyes Mandy felt a weight press into her and a soft stroke against her face. Yet something felt off nobody else should be in the house with Mandy. Opening her eyes Mandy found the handsome man with the blood red eyes was laying on top of her. He smiled at her and stroked his hand down her neck until he found the necklace laying between her breasts. Brushing his thumb over her plump nipples he leaned in and flicked his tongue over the pulse in her neck Dominatrix porno

    "You have a choice to make tonight. One you can accept me as your master to serve me in any way I see fit and I will do with you what I please. Two you may give a sacrifice on the stones when winter solstice comes of bison or a bull in two days time."

    "How am I to produce a bison or a bull in two days time in the midst of a giant blizzard?" Mandy demanded in tears almost.

    The lighting flashed in the midst of the blizzard and he was gone.

    Mandy shook in fear and got up nervously walking the whole of the house. Outside was white out conditions and there was no way out of the house. The next day the lights were out and Mandy ate some cereal and then unpacked a few rooms. Carefully cleaning the beautiful wood of the built in cabinets and stairway she kept busy all night.

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