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  1. I stood next to the couch and she stretched her arms up like she wanted me to pull her up. As she gripped my hands, she pulled down. I clearly had the strength to resist, but knowing what she was doing, I wasn't about to. I laid down, partially on top of her small frame, and leaned in and started kissing her. Our tongues lashed about for a few minutes in a deep, passionate kiss.

    I instinctively reached up and fondled her perky nipples through her jumper. While we kissed, I felt her hand start rubbing my cock through my shorts. Realizing the couch was fairly limited, I suggested, "I have a huge king-size bed in my room. Shall we go there?"

    "Lead the way," Elizabeth said Beach Gay Porn Movies

    I had my shirt off and was already undoing my shorts by the time we got to my bedroom. My hard cock was sticking out of the opening in my boxers. Reaching behind her back, I unzipped the back of her jumper and peeled it off. Elizabeth's tits were small and perky with pink, hard nipples.

    We laid down on the bed and started making out. I was sucking on her tits while she stroked my hard cock. I worked off my boxers and got up on my knees. She moved her head up under my dick and started sucking me, taking the full length of it deep down her throat. I reached down and yanked off her thong and started fingering her fully-shaved, smooth, wet cunt while she blew me. If I died now, I'd die a very happy man. But, it got better.

    Elizabeth pushed me onto my back and climbed on top. She squatted and hovered over my dick and then guided it into her pussy as she slowly lowered herself down. "Oh fuck. You're huge," she screamed.

    We started fucking, cowgirl style, with a slow, steady motion. I pulled her down on top of me and sucked hard on her puffy tits while she increased the rhythm of our fucking. Her barely 5' tall, 100 pound body felt perfect on top of me.

    After a few minutes, she rolled off to one side, buried her head into the pillows, with her bubbly ass sticking up in the air, and said, "Fuck my pussy from behind." I got behind her and guided my cock back into her waiting vagina. As I fucked her, she screamed for it to be harder. My balls were slamming into her ass while she reached back and tickled her own clit.

    I could feel the pressure building in my balls and I was about to blow my load. "I'm gonna cum, baby."

    "No, no, no. You can't. I'm not protected. You need to pull out."

    As I started to ease out of her, she begged, "But not yet. You can hold it. Let me orgasm first."

    I bit down on my upper lip and kept fucking her tight twat, fighting hard to keep from cumming inside her.

    "Oh fuck. Oh god. Yes. Yes. I'm cumming," she screamed gay live chat

    I started to pull back it was too late. My cock jumped, pulsated, and sprayed a blast of sperm deep into her pussy. "Oh fuck," I screamed. I managed to pull out as I ejaculated a second time and the next few shots sprayed onto her ass.

    "Oh fuck. No. Seriously," she yelled, rolling over and reaching down to her creamed pussy. "You came inside me."

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