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  1. Then he started tonguing her properly. He slurped his wet tongue up and down her sensitive gash, licking her juices up and down, delving deep between her tight lips, exploring inside her before licking up to swirl around her throbbing clit. He tasted her juices, smearing her all over as he lapped hungrily at her juicy pussy.

    This tonguing was driving Beth wild. As he firmly licked her pussy all over, she whimpered and moaned, tossing her head from side to side, spreading her hair on the table top between and below her upstretched arms. He moved one hand across and his thick middle finger again started worming its way back into her dripping pussy as he continued to lick her. She writhed in her bonds as she felt the finger slipping into her  best anal porn

    Because of the angle, he was able to push it deeper than before, stroking new and sensitive areas inside her vagina. Meanwhile his other hand placed on her abdomen, holding her down and his thumb pulled the skin above her clit taught, exposing and lifting the little throbbing red bud of her clitoris, nice and aroused and erect  hot free cams

    As he pumped her with his finger, his lips came down onto her clit and she shrieked in surprised pleasure as he sucked it into his mouth so that his warm wet tongue could lash across it. Beth's head went right back and her body arched on the table top, involuntarily thrusting her wet pussy into his mouth as he sucked at her. She whimpered loudly, making little squeaking noises as he firmly molested her with his lips and finger, her juices coating his tongue and finger as he played with her like that.

    He could feel her body quivering under his sensual assault, her muscles growing taught as her body strained for release. Her breathing got faster and deeper, thrusting her lovely breasts up in the air. Her thighs trembled and her pussy muscles fluttered around his sliding, rubbing, pumping finger, until finally her body reached the point of no return  best shemale porn

    Beth shrieked into the gag and her whole body went rigid and strained to arch off the tabletop as a tremendous orgasm swept through her young innocent body. She shrieked again as a second wave sent her body into convulsions and she bucked and jerked within her tight bonds as wave upon wave of ecstasy crashed over her. He kept up the pressure on her clit and pussy, licking hard and wet and pumping as deep as he could, as she squirted juice around his probing finger and her body shook under him.

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