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  1. Again, she was out on the streets and as soon as she found a John willing to be serviced by a pregnant junkie, she bought enough drugs to put her and me out of our misery. As a misfortune, to me anyway, she collapsed right outside of a hospital best hd porn

    The medical staff kept her alive on life support until I was born, then my mother died. No one had a clue who my father was and when my grandfather was contacted, he came to the hospital but left shortly after pulling the plug on my mom. I was told that he did not want a bastard, drug addicted half breed to have to take care of, so I was placed into a foster home.

    One of the nice nurses at the hospital named me Malo Albert after Saint Malo of Aleth, the patron saint of lost items. Due to my addiction to drugs, I had a lot of health problems when I was a baby. I was placed in a home with other babies in my condition.

    As the years went by, I overcame the addictions but the drugs left me with an extreme case of ADHD, and when I was of age I was placed on medication to help calm me down. I was full of mischief and considered a problemed child hot free cams

    Not knowing who my father was made things difficult. All I know is that he was a black man. I only know that because I am mixed, caucasion and African-American. As I grew up I became naturally toned and with my light skin and blue eyes, the girls all favored me from an early age.

    The first foster home that I was in as I grew older was in a rural area. The older couple had a farm and they housed four kids around my age, two boys and two girls. Us kids would help them work on the farm. It was not slavery, because the man and woman would work as hard as we would everyday. The other boy’s name was Tommy and he had been on the farm for two years when I arrived. He was a white kid a year older than I was. His hair was brown and he kept it cut very short. Although he was older than me, he was shorter. His body was toned from the work on the farm.

    Tommy and I bunked together in one room next to the back porch. Every morning we would be awakened at 4:30 am by Mr. Benson. We would go to the barn and milk the two cows and gather eggs from the hen house. One of us would take the milk and eggs inside the house to Mrs. Benson, while the other would get the tractor hooked up to the plow, mower or whatever implement we would be using that day. In the house, Mrs. Benson and the two girls would be eagerly preparing breakfast best pins porn

    Until I arrived at Benson Farm, I had never really paid much attention to girls. As you would imagine, that quickly changed. The first girl I met when I arrived was Heather. I later found out that she was the same age as I was. She was about my height and chunky. Her eyes were green and her hair was sandy blonde. The one feature that stood out to me was her bottom. Even in her concervative dress, each time she walked the cheeks of her bottom would wiggle and I could not help but watch. She had been on the farm six months when I arrived.

    The other girl’s name was Trudy. Trudy had been with the Benson’s since she was two and actually called them Ma and Pa, but she was a year younger than I was. She was a full head shorter than I was, with long black hair and brown eyes. She had a very pretty face and was thin and had two lovely looking grapefruits attached to her chest. The front of her dress was unbuttoned probably two buttons too many because the tops of those lovely grapefruit sized breasts protruded from their confines.

    The first day I was at the farm, Mr. Benson, Tommy and I put up what felt like a hundred miles of fence. Mr. Benson would dig the post holes with the auger attached to the tractor, Tommy and I would set the posts in the holes. Then one of us would use a come-along to tighten the fence while the other nailed the nails into the post. At lunch, Mrs. Benson and the girls drove an old truck through the field and brought us lunch.

    Mr. Benson saw them approaching and ordered Tommy and I to put our shirts back on. So we did as we were told. When the ladies arrived, the three of them got out of the truck with a small brown bag in their hands. Mrs. Benson took her bag to Mr. Benson, Trudy walked over to Tommy and gave him hers, and Heather brought me my lunch. She opened the bag and reached in and pulled out a sandwich and handed it to me. She smiled as I brought the sandwich to my mouth and took a bite. She watched as I ate and then reached in the bag and pulled out a mason jar of sweet tea to wash it down. After the sandwich she unwrapped a piece of cake and handed it to me.

    “I baked it myself,” she said as I took a bite.

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