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  1. This is the first story I've ever written; it is 100% true and it about me. Going Forward, I want to write about my naughty experiences as they occur, I want to document not just what happens but also create a timeline detailing when they happen. All my stories will be totally true and will tell you all about my experiences, anything that is worthy of note.

    I don't know if anyone will read my story but at the very least it is a way for me to put down in writing the fun I have had. If anyone reads it then great, it will be a massive turn on for me and add to the naughtiness of it all.

    First, a bit about me.... I am a married, 37-year-old woman who looks quite a bit younger. I am 5 foot 4 inches tall, slim, have medium length brown hair and would consider myself quite attractive. I have a high sex drive and a newly found confidence which makes me feel both super sexy and adventurous.


    I met my husband 8 years ago, we hit it off immediately and have pretty much been inseparable ever since. He has been my rock, always complimenting me, always looking after me and he is the one responsible for building up my confidence. We have been married for a few years now and our relationship is full of happiness, passion, excitement, and adventure.

    Prior to meeting my current husband, I was in a dead-end marriage. I was being neglected, felt like I wasn't important, and the sex was boring at best. That marriage had no passion and certainly no adventure, a stark contrast to the relationship I am in now.

    Anyway, to my story...

    I was working from home when I received a text from my husband asking if I fancied a date night tonight. Our date nights are great fun, we laugh, joke, kiss, drink and always have a great time. A date night was exactly what I needed after a busy and draining week of work so I immediately text him back accepted his nice offer. I was excited now, my stomach tingled at the thought of spending time with my wonderful husband.

    The plan for the evening was, get dressed up, arrange a taxi to pick us up at 6.45pm, and visit a few pubs and bars in our local town.


    Around 5pm my husband decided to go upstairs for a shower. When he came back down, he looked very handsome, wearing a red polo shirt, smart jeans, and boots. He walked into the kitchen, gave me a kiss, and opened himself a beer.

    I decided it was now time to get myself ready for the evening. I went for a shower and although already smooth decided to shave my legs and my pussy, I wanted to be perfect on our night out. I put my make up on, got dressed into a short black dress with black heels and as an extra treat for my husband decided not to wear any underwear for our date night.

    I was very happy with the way I looked, I felt so sexy. As I made my way downstairs my husband spotted me and was blown away, I could see just from the look in his eyes that he was very impressed. I walked past him and into the kitchen to get a drink, he followed me in, commenting on how amazing I looked. He put his arms around me, kissed me on the cheek and told me I was beautiful. I was smiling from ear to ear as we made our way into the living room to phone for a taxi. As we entered the living room I turned to my husband and said, “by the way, I’m going commando”. A look of shock came over his face, followed by the biggest of smiles, he reached out his arms to pull me closer, I pushed him back and told him in a flirty voice “You get to see my smooth pussy later if your good, but for now you have to wait”. He sat back onto the couch with a look of disappointment on his face, this slowly turned to excitement when realizing that I would be out all evening, in public, with no underwear on.

    Our taxi was early so we quickly got ourselves sorted, my husband put the dog in his bed, got his wallet and phone and I put my purse, perfume, and phone into my favourite handbag. We locked the front door, got into the waiting taxi, and set off on our date night.

    It only took us 10 minutes to get to the town centre. I exited the taxi as gracefully as I could, totally aware that I had no underwear on and could easily bare all. We made our way to the nearest pub, as we entered I could see it was a little quiet but at least we had a choice of places to sit. My husband went to the bar to order drinks while I went to sit down. There were sofas with low level tables, stools near the bar or tables with regular chairs. I chose the latter as again I was conscious that the other seating options may show a little bit too much of me!


    My husband ordered two beers and made his way to the table, he sat down and commented again on how pretty I looked which made me tingle inside. From that point on it was a typical date night of ours, we drank, chatted, flirted, and laughed, we were having so much fun.

    After a few hours the pub had filled up, which I hadn't noticed up until that point as I was enjoying the company so much. Our table was in the middle of the pub, I was facing other tables and the entrance, and my husband was sitting directly opposite me facing the pool table and toilet area. As I was scanning the room, I noticed a guy sitting with a friend at the next table directly behind my husband, he was staring straight at me! As our eyes met, he smiled and looked away “did he find me attractive” I thought to myself. He was very handsome with short brown hair, large beard, and strong fit physique. As I chatted to my husband, through the corner of my eye I could see ‘beard guy’ looking at me, every time I looked over to him, he would smile back….my stomach tingled as I thought to myself “he definitely likes me” and if I was being totally honest, I liked him too.

    My husband is not the jealous type, he tends to encourage me to wear short skirts and dresses, he always likes me to look sexy on nights out. I also know that one of his fantasies is to watch me be chatted up by a guy or even kiss a guy so I knew if I told him about this, he would encourage me to be flirtatious.

    I leaned over towards my husband and quietly said “don’t look but there is a guy sitting directly behind you, he keeps looking at me and I think he likes me” my husband was a little taken aback but replied with “is he handsome” with a smile on his face. “Yes” I exclaimed, smiling back. My husband sat back in his chair and asked, “do you like the look of him?” “Yes” again I replied, “then open your legs and show him your pussy” my husband demanded with an even bigger smile on his face! I was shocked, a little nervous but massively turned on. “I dare you” my husband pushed. With that I sat back in my chair, pulled my dress up ever so slightly to the top of my thighs and parted my legs. Excitedly I looked over to ‘beard guy’, he was staring back at me but didn’t look down, to my frustration he didn’t notice what I was trying to show him. It was then that I realized that the position of our table obscured his view, he would not be able to see up my dress no matter how I sat.

    I was a bit discouraged as I told my husband about the issue. Before he replied I noticed a couch behind where I was currently sitting, it was lower to the floor which could provide the perfect angle for ‘beard guy’ to see straight up my dress. I excitedly said to my husband “let’s sit on that couch, it will be better”, I grabbed my bag and headed over. My husband followed carrying our drinks and sat opposite me on a chair, he ensured that the chair was positioned in a way not to block the view between me and ‘beard guy’. I was so excited, the position of the couch was perfect, I looked over to him and I immediately saw him look at me, I stared back and smiled, with that I opened my legs slightly and looked at his eyes. He looked down and straight up my dress, I could feel my pussy get wet from the excitement of it all so I opened my legs a little wider, his face lit up and I knew then without doubt he could see my pussy. Knowing that another guy was looking at my wet, smooth, pretty little pussy gave me such a buzz.

    I wanted to keep my legs open for him but at the same time I didn’t want to inadvertently show anyone else in the pub, reluctantly I closed my legs and told my husband “That guy just saw my pussy, I showed him, and I watched him look”. My husband was stunned, his jaw nearly hit the floor, he said “that’s amazing, your amazing” with a naughty grin on his face.

    We were both so excited about the situation, I really wanted to have fun with ‘beard guy’ but how would it be possible with my husband sitting here, the reality of the situation hit home ‘beard guy’ would not approach me with my husband here, he would naturally assume that me and my husband are together and won’t want to instigate a conversation.

    I told my husband the problem, it made perfect sense to him too. We decided to come up with a plan, a way forward which allowed me to have fun with ‘beard guy’ without ‘beard guy’ being spooked. After some deliberating, we decided that my husband would be my best friend for the evening. If I talked to any guys tonight then I would introduce my husband as my friend, and not someone I was in a relationship with. He was going to be my wingman if needed and help clear a path for me to have some fun. With a firm plan now in place I knew I could now talk to any guy, when the inevitable questions come about who I am out with and is he your husband / boyfriend then the answer will be simply…he is just my friend. We took off our wedding rings, my husband put them in his wallet, and we hatched a plan to buy a round of Vodka shots and see if ‘beard guy’ and his mate wanted to join us in drinking them at our table.

    Just as we were going to put our plan into action two other guys approached us and asked if the seats next to us were taken. We reluctantly said “no” and they sat down, thanking us. As me and my husband drank our drinks and continued to chat, we were then inadvertently dragged into their conversation , as I look up then I see ‘beard guy’ get up from his chair, make his way to the exit and leave the pub. Just like that my fun with ‘beard guy’ was over. Damn it!

    I could tell my husband was frustrated with the outcome too but “never mind” he said, “the night is still young, lets drink our drinks and move on to the next bar”.

    We headed out of the pub and down the street. The next bar we came across was quite small from outside, but we could see it had a dance floor towards the back. The music was loud, it was busy and had more of a fun vibe about it, so we headed inside.

    We made our way towards the back of the bar and found a table with chairs positioned quite close to the dance floor. I sat at the table while my husband went to the bar counter to order our drinks. The area we were sat in was facing a relatively small dance floor, behind which was a corridor leading to restrooms and the bar area was located to the right of us.

    As soon as my husband returned with our drinks, I decided I wanted to dance, I went up on the dance floor on my own as my husband watched. The music was a mix between dance and pop both of which I like. Within a few minutes of dancing by myself I noticed a guy on the dancefloor looking at me, the best way I can describe him as is a ‘pretty boy’, he was very good looking and knew it. He was confident, in his early 30’s I would say, with very short hair and he was smartly dressed. He seemed to take a shine to me straight away and danced up closer and closer as the song went on. As our bodies moved with the music, he leaned in towards me and asked, “who are you out with?” it was difficult to hear but I could just make it out, I shouted back “my friend” while pointing at my husband. This seemed to relax him, and he moved closer, putting his arms around my waist whilst looking me straight in the eyes to gauge my reaction. I pushed myself into him as we moved in time with the music, it was sexy, it felt right, and I wanted more.

    I looked over to my husband as I was dancing with ‘pretty boy’, I could see he was watching but also trying not to make it obvious. “I really hope that he is enjoying this as much as I am” I thought, this was such a turn on for me and I really hoped my husband was feeling the same.

    I moved my attention back to ‘pretty boy’, I moved my arms up his sides, put them around his neck and pressed myself into him. That was all the invitation he needed, he leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips, it was electric, my eyes closed as the kiss became more passionate, my tongue moved with his like they were dancing to the music. We kissed and kissed with more and more passion while embracing each other on the dance floor, it was hot, it was sexy, and it was naughty.

    As soon as we stopped kissing my thoughts immediately turned to my husband, “fuck, I did it, I kissed someone in front of my husband” I thought while maneuvering slightly away from ‘pretty boy’. I knew he would be OK, but I needed to check before I carried on, I needed to know that he liked it. I shouted over the music to ‘pretty boy’, I am just going to finish my drink, give me five minutes and I will be back. He leaned in for one more passionate kiss before I made my way off the dance floor and back to our table.

    Before I even got to the table, I could see my husband was smiling, he had a look of pleasure in his eyes, and I instantly knew he had enjoyed that experience as much as me. “That was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen” he said, “you can do that whenever you want, with whoever you want and as much as you want” he said. “This is amazing” I thought to myself. I would never do anything like this without my husband’s blessing, I certainly would not hurt him and to have a husband who likes me having fun with other men is perfect, it really is a win win situation.

    Just as I was about to finish my drink ‘pretty boy’ approached the table, he put his arm around me, leaned in and told me he had to leave! All his friends sat at a nearby table were leaving and he reluctantly had to go with them, he apologized, kissed me on my cheek and said his goodbyes. Again, I was disappointed but at the same time extremely happy that I had kissed a guy in front of my husband, I fulfilled my husband’s fantasy, it had turned us both on massively in the process and I was so proud of myself.

    We spent the next 10 minutes drinking and attempting to talk over the loud music. My husband was clearly impressed with me, he made it clear numerous times how turned on he was. He wanted to kiss me, but he was still in character, he was still playing the part of the friend rather than my husband, he told me how much he wanted me but resisted any contact and stuck to his role.

    When I finished my drink I was ready to dance again, I made my way back to the dance floor to see if I could get more attention, to see if I could kiss a second guy tonight in front of my husband. I wanted to tease my husband and make him explode with excitement, I wanted to give him a night he would never forget.

    The instant I stepped onto the dance floor another guy approached, he seemed to be wearing worker clothing, like a builder / construction worker, he was wearing that type of clothing, minus the hard hat and high visibility vest obviously. I thought it was odd but determined in my own mind that he must have come out straight after work for a drink with his mates and just stayed out. Straight away I realized that ‘builder guy’ was very confident and extremely forward, he immediately put his arms around my waist and kissed me. I was shocked at how quickly that happened and slightly taken aback, I certainly wasn’t complaining so I kissed him back. This kissing was extremely passionate, we were all over each other on the dance floor and I could really tell what he was thinking, what he wanted… and he wanted me!

    ‘Builder guy’ was again good looking, he was in his early 20’s with black hair, an athletic physique with heaps and heaps of confidence. I really liked him, I could feel my heart racing and my pussy tingle as we kissed, arm in arm on the dance floor. We hadn’t been on the dance floor for 5 minutes before he said, “come with me”.

    He took my hand and led me off in the direction of the restrooms, before I even had time to react, he opened the male restroom door and took me inside. I didn’t know what was going on, it was all happening so fast, but I was eager to see where this was going.

    The restroom was laid out with sinks on the left-hand wall, urinals on the entrance wall (to the right of the entrance door) and one solitary toilet cubicle in the rear right-hand corner. He led me through the restroom straight to the toilet cubicle, he pulled me inside, shut the door and locked it behind him. My heart was racing but in a good way, I was so turned on by the speed of it all and the confidence ‘builder guy’ had. The toilet cubicle was quite large with plenty of room for us both, there was a large windowsill to the left of the cubicle entrance door (the window had been blocked up) and a toilet positioned on the back wall directly opposite the cubicle entrance door.

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