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3 Lay People Killed, 300 Monks Arrested at Kirt Monastery in Tibet

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Da minha lista do LIT (Learning and Ideas for Tibet):


"The situation at Kirti Monastery in Tibet is becoming increasingly tense between Chinese forces and Tibetan monks as 3 lay people have been killed and approx. 300 monks were arrested on Thursday night and taken to undisclosed locations. More Chinese special forces are arriving at the monastery and tensions are likely to escalate.

We are unsure what the outcome of this encounter may be and wish for your help in seeking a peaceful resolution.



Please click on this link and watch the following footage of the troops currently surrounding the monastery and brief clip of a monk, Phuntsok, shortly after his self immolation, covered in burns. Phuntsok died shortly afterward. This act is what has lead to this current situation as monks refuse to succumb to Chinese harsh policies in the area. The clip is in Tibetan, but there is a rough translation of certain points of the clip. "




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