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Ola pessoas,


resolvi abrir esse topico aqui pra quem ta a fins de ter um pouco de material de ingles, pra quem se interessa ou estuda. A ideia nao eh colocar exercicios ou frases relacionadas a viagem, mas sim coisas corriqueiras da vida pois ter contato com situacoes reais eh o q realmente nos faz aprender, ou seja, piadas, cronicas, pequenas ou grandes historias, reportagens, artigos, indicacoes de filmes, propagandas, enfim, qquer coisa que exponha as pessoas a lingua em um contexto real.


Praticamente todas as palavras q eu nao conheco sao solucionadas usando ou este dicionario normal (monolingue claro - ingles/ingles) (meu dicionario preferido ate agora) ou no (dicionario de girias - na verdade esse eh o meu favorito:)). Com as palavras aqui nao deve ser diferente.


Fiquem a vontade para perguntar alguma duvida q possa surgir relacionado ao q foi postado aqui no topico.


Feel free to contribute and I hope you enjoy and learn shit loads!



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Usuários Mais Ativos no Tópico

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A bus stops and 2 Italian men get on. They sit down and engage in an animated conversation.


The lady sitting next to them ignores them at first, but her attention is galvanized when she

hears one of them say the following:


Emma come first.

Den I come.

Den two asses come together.

I come once-a-more! .

Two asses, they come together again.

I come again and pee twice.

Then I come one lasta time.'


The lady can't take this any more,


'You foul-mouthed sex obsessed pig!', she retorted indignantly. 'In this country we don't speak aloud in Public places about our sex lives!'


'Hey, coola down lady,' said the man. 'Who talkin' abouta sex? I'm a justa tellin' my frienda

how to spell ' Mississippi '.'



$5.00 says you're gonna read this again

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Esse eh meu dicionario favorito . Coloque todos os palavroes e girias q vc conhece e se divirta com as definicoes.


booty call


A late night summons -- often made via telephone -- to arrange clandestine sexual liaisons on an ad hoc basis.

The student's mother was ignorant of her son's booty calls.


entre aqui e leia o booty call agreement logo abaixo desta definicao numero 1. Muito engracado.


2.(noun)a phonecall,page,or conversation aimed at getting into your pants.Not an invite to a movie or dinner, not just coffee, not a casual or formal get-together, just a plain old-fashioned "let's fuck"

I woke at 4 a.m. with a massive hard-on. I picked up the phone and gave Ruthie a booty call. I wanted to mount her so very, very much. I had it REAL bad !

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um dos pontos de maior tensao do livro. A essas alturas a merda geral ja rolou e um monte de gente ja morreu ou esta morrendo...


Aqui a descricao da morte de Rob Hall, o escalador lider mais experiente do everest em 1991. Ultima parte cap 17.


At 6:00 a.m., Cotter asked Hall if the sun had reached him yet. "Almost," Rob replied - which was good, because he'd mentioned a moment earlier that he was shaking uncontrollably in the awful cold. In conjunction with his earlier revelations that he was no longer able to walk, this had been very upsetting news to the people listening down below. Nevertheless, it was remarkable that Hall was even alive after spending a night without shelter or oxygen at 28,700 feet in hurricane-force winds and windchill of one hundred degrees below zero.


...After struggling for four hour to de-ice his mask, Hall finally got it to work, and by 9:00 a.m. he was breathing supplemental oxygen for the first time; by then he'd spent more than sixteen hours above 28,700 feet without gas. Thousands of feet below, his friends stepped up their efforts to cajole him to start down. "Rob, this is Helen at Base Camp," Wilton importuned, sounding as if she was on the brink of tears. "You think about that little baby of yours. You're going to see its face in a couple of months, so keep on going."


... Throughout the day on May 11, his friends and teammates incessantly begged him to make an effort to come down under his own power. Several times Hall announced that he was preparing to descend, only to change his mind and remain immobile at the South Summit. At 3:20 p.m, Cotter - who by now had walked over from his own camp beneath Pumori to the Everst Base Camp - scolded over the radio, "Rob, get moving down the ridge"


Sounding annoyed, Hall fired back, "Look, if I thought I could manage the knots on the fixed ropes with me frostbitten hands I would have gone down six hours ago, pal. Just send a couple of the boys up with a big thermos of something hot - then I'll be fine."


"Thing is, mate, the lads who went up today encountered some high winds and had to turn around," Cotter replied, trying to convey as delicately as possible that the rescue attempt had been abandoned, "so we think your best shot is to move lower."


"I can last another night here if you send up a couple of buys with some Sherpa tea, first thing in the morning, no later than nine-thirty or ten," Rob answered.


"You're a tough man, Big Guy," said Cotter, his voice quavering. "We'll send some boys up to you in the morning."


At 6:20 p.m., Cotter contacted Hall to tell him that Jan Arnold - his wife - was on the satellite phone from Christchurch and was waiting to be patched through. "Give me a minute," Rob said. "Me mouth's dry. I want to eat a bit of snow before I talk to her." A little later he came back on and rasped in a slow, horribly distorted voice, "Hi, my sweetheart. I hope you're tucked up in a nice warm bed. How are you doing?"


"I can't tell you how much I'm thinking about you!" Arnold replied. "You sound so much better than I expected.... Are you warm, my darling?"


"In the context of the altitude, the setting, I'm reasonably comfortable," Hall answered, doing his best not to alarm her.


"How are your feet?"


"I haven't taken me boots off to check, but I think I may have a bit of frostbite...."


"I'm looking forward to making you completely better when you come home," said Arnold. "I just know you're going to be rescued. Don't feel that you're alone. I'm sending all my positive energy your way!"


Before signing off, Hall told his wife, "I love you. Sleep well, my sweetheart. Please don't worry too much."


These would be the last words anyone would hear him speak. Attempts to make radio contact with Hall later that night and the next day went unanswered. Twelve days later, when Breashears and Viesturs climbed over the South Summit on their way to the top, they found Hall lying on his right side in a shallow ice hollow, his upper body buried beneath a drift of snow.

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fonte: british american dictionary - link na pg da bbc america.


Cockney Rhyming Slang

Perhaps the most infamous of all the British slang, Cockney Rhyming Slang is a richly complicated, in-the-know type of language. It is said that slang was originally developed by the thieves of London, so that they could communicate without the bobbies understanding what they were saying.

And they were most definitely successful. With the familiar words showing up in unlikely places in a sentence, the uninitiated can only shake their head in bewilderment.

In Cockney Rhyming Slang, a word is represented by a phrase that ends in a rhyme. For example, the word mate rhymes with china plate. So the phrase china plate represents mate. However, in spoken slang, only the beginning of the phrase would remain. So the word china means mate. Simple right?



plates, noun

plates of meat = feet.



dog and bone, noun

dog and bone = telephone.



elephant's, adj.

elephant's trunk = drunk.



rabbit, verb

rabbit and pork = talk; to talk on and on in a boring or annoying manner.



raspberry, noun

raspberry ripple = nipple. (That shirt is so thin I can see her raspberries.)



posh and becks, noun

posh and becks = sex.



thru'penny, noun

thru'penny bits = tits.


Thrupenny bits were old twelve sided coins whose value was three pence (or thruppence). In the East End, th sound is pronounced f. Thus thrupenny is actually pronounced



china, noun

china plate = mate; friend.



khyber, noun

Kyhber Pass = ass.



butcher's, noun

butcher's hook = look. (Get a butchers at that.)



whistle, noun

whistle and flute = suit. (Look at me in me new whistle.)



tom, noun

tom tit = sh*t, dump. (I'm off for a Tom.)


Tom Tit Tot is a character in the English fairy tale written by Joseph Jacobs, published in 1890. Jacobs also wrote Jack in the Beanstalk, Tom Th

commonly used in England

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Bom, as vezes rola umas discussoes sobre qual a forma correta de falar isto ou aquilo ou a forma ortografica correta de isto ou aquilo. Muitas vezes as pessoas estao discutindo sobre formas diferentes de escrever ou falar a mesma coisa, ambas corretas, mas uma eh MAIS usada na inglaterra e outra MAIS usada nos eua. Importante notar o MAIS pq eh isso, eh mais usado, nao eh uma regra q 100% das pessoas de cada local vao falar assim, mas ha uma tendencia, claro.


Uma das vezes q fiz vestibular ha uns bons 15 anos atras tinha uma pergunta na fuvest na prova de ingles q tinha um texto contando a historia de um homem. Uma das perguntas era 'qual a nacionalidade' do fulano da historia. Mas nao tinha nenhuma mencao a pais! Como assim, como eh possivel saber a resposta? Bom, pra comecar o nome dele comecava com Sir, q eh um titulo dado pela rainha - ou pelo rei - a uma pessoa em reconhecimento a algo q ela fez, sagrando-o cavaleiro, Sir eh um cavaleiro (knight). Por exemplo Paul Mccartney eh Sir. Assim o tal Sir da fuvest so podia ser ingles.


Eh uma pena q nessas discussoes nunca entram tb o ingles da irlanda, do pais de gales, da escocia, da africa do sul, do canada, da australia, do congo, e assim vai. Fica-se sempre somente no American/British, uma pena. Vou listar palavras com essas diferencas. Na lista vai ser sempre nessa ordem A/B american/british (como se fosse em 'ordem alfabetica'). Portanto se vc vir essas palavras escritas em um texto vai poder saber com grande probabilidade de q pais vem.


Realize/Realise, realize




Trash bin/Rubbish bin




Trunk/Boot (porta-malas)


Diapers/Nappies (fralda)


Pants/Trousers (calca)


Underpants/Knickers, Pants (calcinha)


Mr./Mr (sem ponto) - esse eu nunca vi trocado, com ponto era sempre american e sem sempre british, se alguem vir trocas por favor me avise.


Broadcasted/Broadcast (passado)


Forecasted/Forecast (passado)


Dreamed/Dreamt, dreamed (na ingla rola tanto a forma irregular qto a regular, mas nos eua so a regular)


Learned/Learnt, learned


Leaped/Leapt, leaped


sneakers/trainers (tenis)




aubergine/eggplant (beringela)


bus/coach, bus - pra onibus de viagem (coach - eh a mesma palavra para carruagem - o veiculo de transportar pessoas a longas distancias), onibus de linha urbano tb eh so bus na ingla)


Merry Christmas/Happy Christmas (feliz natal)


Santa Claus/Father Christmas (papai noel)


existem varias outras, mas q eu consiga lembrar de cabeca no momento sao essas.

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1. walk of shame

the walk across campus in the same clothes as yesterday after you slept with someone and spent the night in their dorm room

Scott: hey man, nice hair - you doin the walk of shame?


Dan: what, me? ah... no... I, um, fell asleep in the library...


2. walk of shame

n. the course walked home after a night of boozing and fucking. one usually wears either the clothes they went out in (eg. short skirt and heels) or the clothing of the person they slept with (eg.a large white t-shirt)the morning after and everyone notices they have the "I was fucked up last night" look and am now walking home from the guy-I- fucked's house.


"I don't remember what his face looked like and I had to do the walk of shame."

"I don't remember if the sex was good enough for the walk of shame."


3. walk of shame

when you leave someone's house with the same clothes you had on the night before. usually after a booty call


He did the walk of shame last Friday out my house.


4. walk of shame

When a woman leaves the home of a man(quite possibly one she met the night before) in the early morning hours; hair sticking out in all directions, makeup half gone, with her undies in a pocket or her purse.


After a night of partying and excessive drinking Cheryl woke up god-knows where with an unknown man beside her and in a fit of regret gathered her belongings as quickly and quietly as possible and crept from the man's home in what is known as the walk of shame.

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1. stride of pride

The stroll across campus after a one night stand. Usually slower and with more gusto than the walk of shame. Typically reserved for men as one night stands garner respect and bragging rights with your buddies. However, women can be seen doing the stride of pride after being rocked the previous night as opposed to the one minute man or dealing with whiskey dick.


Jon: Look at her hair. Definitly the walk of shame.

Frank: Sorry, look at the shit-eating grin on her face. Definitly the stride of pride.


2. stride of pride

a reclamation of the walk of shame. Describes an occasion in which one must traverse public avenues the morning after a sexual encounter. One's status as a "strider" is usually aparent in the nature of one's dress, that somehow clearly indicates that one did not return to one's own home the night before. The quality of the sexual encounter and/or the social status of the partner(s) are generally factors that will turn a walk into a stride.


J saw Red walking down Washington St. at 10:30 wearing the suit and tie she'd had on the night before. "Walk of Shame?" J inquired. "No, Stride of Pride!" replied Red. "There's no shame in sex that good."

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